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Welcome to LodeStream/JingCheng (Chengdu) Technology Co., Ltd.

We are a young, creative and professional entrepreneurial technology team with head office of the company located in Seattle, USA, and its subsidiary, JingCheng Technology, located in Chengdu. At present, our main business is to provide customized web and mobile development. Our projects are mainly from the United States, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. We uphold the principle of Customer-First approach to provide quality services to small, medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups.

Over the years, technology precipitation has enabled us to be good at grasping the design and development of products with Eastern and Western characteristics. We continuously pursue the spirit of exploration and work effectiveness, and through our efficiency and ultimate concept, we are becoming a reliable technical partner of our customers. We adopt Silicon Valley management practice flexibly, efficiently, and steadily. At present, we have set up a young, creative and professional entrepreneurship technology team with cross-regional remote working environment. Our company is defined by our team members and we are proud of our inclusive approach. We like to maintain work-life balance so that our team members can work flexibly to provide their best work output.

We strongly believe that each individual has a unique "superpower" and his/her deepest strengths. He/she can be a Debugger, a versatile Engineer who is proficient in all kinds of programming skills, an efficient product/project manager, or even a creative designer who can pick up brushes to illustrate cool design and special effects. We’d like to discover and embrace your superpower. We want you to make a difference by using your inner skills and grow together towards a pleasant today and a bright tomorrow! If you want to take a challenge and work with a global network of innovative individuals, we would like to hear from you!

We're starting a new batch of hiring (locations: China, Taiwan, Malaysia) for various positions to work on our new projects. Please follow the form links below and fill out the application form(s) if interested:

欢迎来到 LodeStream / 晶丞(成都)科技有限公司。

我们是一个心态年轻、富有创造力和专业态度的创业技术团队。总公司坐落在美国西雅图,旗下子公司晶丞科技位于天府之都 —— 成都。目前,我们主要以提供网页/网站 / App / 小程序等的定制开发为主营业务。项目主要来自于美国、中国大陆和港澳台等地区,我们秉承客户至上的原则针对中小型企业和创业团队提供优质服务。


我们坚信,每一个人都是拥有独特「超能力」的。他可以是 Debug 的能手,也可能是通晓 Nodejs、Java、PHP 的全能工程师,亦或是精通商务/项目管理的效率达人,甚至是能拿起画笔绘制插画、制作酷炫特效的设计巧匠。你的独特「超能力」成就了不一样的你。我们需要这样的你,一起来成就不一样的 LodeStream/晶丞,做自己的超级英雄。如果你拥有一技之长,欢迎来和我们聊聊,我们同时支持远程办公。现招聘新一批的远程工作职位(地理位置:中国、台湾、马来西亚),有兴趣者请点击以下链接提交应聘表单给我们:

注:职位描述在个别表单里可以查阅。若提交表单时出现异常,请直接复制相关职位以「……」开头的 URL 至新的浏览器标签页进行访问再重新进行提交。

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